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Nov 17, 2012 2:00am PST
, demonstration sites for september 1, 2012 through august 31,2013 and waiving indirect costs. >> mr. goodwin? >> thank you. this was noticed as an announcement by the h.i.v. a.i.d.s. bureau of health association in march of last year. we applied for funding, a continuing five-year grant, with the partnership of the collaboration of a health center and asian-american pacific islander center and receiving ryan white funds for providing excellent services in the tenderloin area, which is basically primary care and support services to keep people with h.i.v. engaged in care. this grant is a spins grant, special projects of national significance, which sets up a demonstration model to evaluation and monitor the efficacy of providing services within a specific population or model. this is particularly for transgender women of color and will be focused on that population in the tenderloin. >> thank you very much. on this item it looks like a $1.5 million, five-year grant that has been given to us, or it has been granted to the city with $300,000 in each year. >> correct. >> no matching funds are re
Nov 15, 2012 9:30pm PST
. we will do that without objection. to mr. goodwin. before you do good can i ask you to follow up with the gentleman with some of the questions he had regarding why it was that the grants were structured the way they were. i think that would be helpful, thank you. item six, please. >> six, authorization authorizing san francisco as primary grantee of urban areas initiative and the uasi to accept and expend 2012 grant in amount of 21,931,312 from the u.s. department of homeland security through the california emergency management agency for the period of october 12,2012 through may 31,2014. >> thank you. we have the department of emergency management on this item. >> thank you, chairwoman chu and supervisors kim and avalos. i'm with the san francisco department of emergency management. the item is the annual urban area security grant the u.s. department of homeland security grants to the entire bay area region. it is in front of you today. as you know, san francisco is the fiscal agent for the bay area, uasi. the total grant is approximately 22 million. the grant supports projects
Nov 4, 2012 3:00pm EST
, and that was a new foundation. >> guest: yes. and goodwin, said i don't think that's a good idea, mr. president to call it the new foundation. your administration. he said, why not? she said, well, that sounds like a woman's girdle to me. >> host: you talked to one of the historians at the table but you went to dinner somewhere outside of new york or outside of the city so you wouldn't be recognized. >> guest: yes. >> host: why do you -- >> guest: all these historians were sworn to secrecy. they were not supposed to report on what went on at this meeting. on the -- i'm a very experienced reporter and i finally got one of them who agreed talk to me on the condition of anonymity. he or she -- not going to say which sex -- agreed to tell me what went on in this meeting as long as i didn't identify that person. and so i disguised the person by not using his or her name. but i can tell you that i ran my version by this person and they said, yes, that's exactly what happened. >> host: we have been talking on book tv with edward klein, his book, the amateur, barack obama in the white house. a number o
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)